Exterior painting

Whether your exterior is a new commercial build, an older building, a heritage building or something in between, we have the experience to not only make it look great, but by using the correct preparation methods and paint systems keep it looking great for longer, eliminating the possibility of any costly paint failures or repairs down the track.

We offer timing to suit your needs, experienced trade qualified staff that are capable of working with you on your project to manage tight timelines, with multiple tradespeople on site, all doing a quality job that will give your project a professional finish. Our Project Manager will offer you a professional and personalised one on one service co-ordinating everything with you to meet all of your projects expectations and hit the deadlines that you need to, making sure you come in on budget and on time.

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Cleaning and preparation work is vital to get the best results possible, which is why we always thoroughly prepare all substrates prior to the painting commencing, and it’s this careful attention to detail along with checking that any specified paint products are correct for the substrates and environment, that ensures we deliver a great looking and long lasting end result .

If your exterior requires access equipment or any building repairs we can also discuss these at your site visit and we have our own licensed builder to assist with any types of repairs. We also have scaffolding available and will arrange further equipment and quotes where required if your building needs it.

Call us to find our more about how we can work with you on your next commercial project, we have lots of experience having worked on many large scale projects and would be happy to discuss how we can assist you in getting the results required to complete your projec