Body Corporate & Property Managers

Undertaking repairs and maintenance for body corporates and property managers is a specialised area that requires not only skilled tradespeople to undertake the work, but also strong administration processes, organisation and communication to ensure a successful outcome is achieved for both the property management team and the tenants. We know you just want the job done, and done right the first time with no problems or hold-ups. That’s where we’re the experts, making sure you get exactly that, along with being on time and on budget.

Our business values customer service highly and because of this we have a management team structured to ensure we provide this service. Your dedicated team includes your Estimator costing your work, your Project Coordinator scheduling the tradespeople and any requirements prior to commencement of the works and your Project Manager overseeing the daily running of the project, all of whom work together on your projects to make sure that everything is done at the correct time and in the correct manner, whilst keeping you up to date with the progress and timeline of the work being done at the site.

Whether your requirements are for a small one off repair, multiple property repairs or a long term maintenance plan, with our network of Complete Coatings contractors we have the right people on hand to attend to it for you, with over 60+ tradesmen available we can sort your building maintenance issues quickly regardless of the problem or scope of works.

To give you an idea of the extent of some of the services we offer, the following list shows you the most popular requests for jobs we get, but bear in mind we can do most things so feel free to call us and ask if you’re not sure.

Why use Complete Coatings for your repairs or maintenance plans?

  1. Because we will take the stress away from you having to deal with multiple tradespeople.

  2. Our services are professional and cost effective.

  3. Our people are excellent to deal with and have a professional and friendly manner, whist being committed to giving you the best outcome possible for your project, they make sure that they communicate extremely well which is why we are the contractor of choice for many companies.

  4. We make sure that we build great relationships with our building companies and body corporates, this means that they feel confident in our abilities and are always comfortable in letting us know if something needs further attention or needs to be addressed, knowing that this will be rectified without any problem.

  5. Complete Coatings Group is the contractor of choice amongst many suppliers and is always offered the opportunity to quote on jobs because clients know that the work will be completed to a high level of quality and that our people are great to work with.

  6. Complete Coatings Group can easily handle very complex jobs and this is very relevant with many of the EQC body corporate projects we have have handled, which require complex timing and specialty services combining to complete projects where the timing is critical.

  7. We manage the entire project, including assisting with residents and keeping them informed and up to date during the work in progress, this area in itself is often time consuming and difficult due to the nature of working in and around peoples homes, because of this our team are always respectful and courteous and endeavour to make things run smoothly for everyone involved, and are very conscious that having workmen in and around tenants living space is not always ideal.

“When it comes to earthquake repairs and claims Complete Coatings Group are the first company that come to mind, because they’re not just painters but can do all of the other specialty areas like weather proofing and crack injection which is really important for our EQC clients. Their key people are really great to deal with and we have an excellent relationships with them all, they always give us a high level of quality and go above and beyond”

Liz Clark

Body Corporate Manager

Martin Wakefield Ltd